“The phishing campaign is going very well and I am very happy with the progress and how you guys are engaging us along the way. From past experience others just stopped trying when our filters would catch the emails.”

-Capital Automotive Group

“Penetration and cyber security tests. It was a pain free process and the reports we received were comprehensive and actionable, providing insights into processes we could/should put in place to mitigate the risk.
I know as small business we can often feel like we can’t afford to conduct important risk mitigation tests like cyber security reviews but honestly I don’t think we can afford not to, as we see ever increasing ransomware attacks and other nefarious activity. The audit and the reports and debrief were all important tools for the ongoing training and improvement of our entire organization! If you are thinking about undertaking something like this I can’t recommend it enough! You might be very surprised what you learn.”


“Through my international travels and research into cybercrime responses around the world it is clear the best public safety response to business vulnerability in the cyberspace is one where the private sector leads the charge. s01ve Cyber Solutions ability to educate businesses, proactively detect threats analyze the threat environments, prevents cyber intrusions and respond to cyber incidents is the most relevant form of protecting our communities from harm in the cyber realm and ensuring that businesses remain protected and viable into the future.”

-Roger Chaffin O.O.M Chief of Police, Retired Calgary Police Service