We at Centurion Cyber Defence are just as excited as you are about the upcoming summer weather. Long hours at the beach, sunshine until ten, fireworks and most importantly, vacations! Who doesn’t love getting away for a few weeks and unplugging yourself from the cyber universe! What better way to announce your excitement for your upcoming vacation by posting on social media about it! Your friends will be green with FOMO, and there’s opportunity coming from those who have insidious intentions to steal your stuff!

Cybersecurity tips for summer

When you post online about going on vacation it’s like taking a megaphone to cyberspace and announcing that your possessions and information are free for the taking. Unscrupulous individuals will absolutely target you if they know you aren’t around to stop them, whether it be stealing your information, or breaking into your place of residence and stealing whatever they want, because you’re out of town.

So how do you stop this from happening? By practicing good cyber hygiene we can prevent cyber-crimes! First things first, never post that you are leaving your home on social media, ever. This makes you a target for robberies and cyber-attacks. Save those beautiful vacation photos for after you’ve come back home, and only let those closest know where and when you’re leaving. Giving your friends FOMO is fun, but getting your data or possessions stolen isn’t. A good way to remember this is if what you’re posting could lead to you becoming a victim to a crime, don’t post it!