IP Cameras With Security Features

IP cameras can be a powerful tool in protecting your family, property, and business. However, without a focus on security, IP cameras can also give malicious actors a means of spying on you, as well as a convenient springboard to attack you and your assets. Get the low-down on security settings and configurations here.

When it comes to actually selecting an IP camera, Centurion Cyber Defence recommends doing research to find an IP camera system that provides a solid combination of security features, regular support and updates, and functional hardware. Below are some products that our testing team have evaluated and found acceptable.

Google Nest

Centurion Cyber Defence’s lead hacker, Hank Fordham, became famous by breaking into Google’s first-generation Nest devices when unsuspecting users left their Nests connected with the default passwords and no two-factor authentication enabled.

Since that time, Google has made great strides both improving their security suite, and implementing better user policies, such as making two-factor authentication a default setting. With these improvements, Centurion Cyber Defence now recommends Nest devices as a good choice for personal or business-based IP cameras, provided that security best-practices are followed, and two-factor authentication is used.


Arlo has quickly become a popular brand for their wireless IP cameras and seamless integration with their proprietary mobile app. While the security posture of their products is generally good, Centurion Cyber Defence recommends paying special attention to your home cyber hygiene when using Arlo, as the security of its wireless cameras will depend on the strength of your home or business wireless network’s security measures.

This means changing any default network passwords (for users and network admins), using longer passphrases, and regularly updating your network passwords. Due to some issues with how mobile devices interact with public networks, Centurion Cyber Defence also does not recommend using Arlo’s app to monitor the cameras while connected to an unsecured public network, such as at a café or library.


Ubiquiti offers a wide range of networkable assets, including mid- and high-end IP cameras, managed centrally through a proprietary platform that provides services to both computers and mobile devices. Ubiquiti’s brand has traded on a combination of ease-of-use and built-in security. Our testing has showed that Ubiquiti’s IP cameras are reliably secure, but as with the other network cameras we’ve evaluated, it requires that its resident home or business network also have strong security measures.